Facade Stripper
Facade Stripper

Facade Stripper

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Our facade stripper effectively removes all paints, stains and varnishes, even the most stubborn ones on the facade. Paraffin-free and with a very low odour, it is ready to use. While competing products no longer work after a maximum of two hours, it remains active for up to 3 days.

   Application temperature: above +5°C.

   Yield: 0.4 to 0.8 liters per m².

   Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


   Without methylene chloride.

   Gel stripper, does not run even on vertical walls.

   Paraffin free, odourless, ready to use.

   Removes even stubborn layers.

   Active for up to 72 hours.


   Applicable in airless projection.

   Inside and outside.

   Deep stripping.


   Does not darken the wood and does not attack the glass.


•   Designed for all types of facades.

•   Eligible materials: single-component organic building paints, thin films, plasters, thick and semi-thick plastic coatings, external thermal insulation, I3 and I4 waterproofing coatings.


•   The support must be dry and perfectly cleaned. Scratch the paint beforehand if necessary, to facilitate the action of the stripper.


•   Doing a test before application allows you to know exactly the time of action of the stripper on the surface to be stripped and thus optimize your time and effort.

•   On a surface of 20 cm², apply a thick layer then let the product react. Observe the stripper's work. Make a partial scraping over time to compare the result.


•   Using a brush or any other airless spray equipment, apply a thick layer. Leave to act between 4 and 24 hours, or even up to 72 hours, depending on the nature of the coating and the load.
•   The action time may also vary depending on the temperature or wind conditions. To limit premature drying caused by the wind or high temperature, it can be covered with a plastic film.
•   Scrape with a spatula or a scraper then wash with hot or cold water, with a high pressure cleaner, minimum 120 bars, with a water flow rate of at least 800 liters per hour.