About us


Vinyl resin

FerberPainting® is distinguished by the use of high-gloss vinyl resin, excellent adhesion and perfect elasticity. The latter allows it to cover the surface without having to spend a multitude of layers. Its characteristics are close to an oil painting while remaining an aqueous resin par excellence. When it is applied, the water evaporates to give way to a totally impervious protective layer.

Express delivery

Orders are shipped and delivered to your destination within 24 hours, allowing you flexibility and fast delivery.



Simple application

A simple application, on a bare surface with a roller and brush in places difficult to reach. The usage protocol is always transmitted with your order in order to apply our products in the best possible way.



Our products are impermeable to prevent oxidation of the surface by air or water. FerberPainting® has a will to offer a quality product allowing you a complete insurance on any type of support.


Customer service

Our consultants will answer all your questions with precision to be the most efficient in your work and to allow you a complete follow-up of the order and its application.

Secure payment

Once the items are put in your basket, you can choose from various secure means of payment: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. The order placed, you are informed in detail on its progress by email. You then receive a tracking number for delivery, from sending to receiving.