Yacht Varnish
Yacht Varnish
Yacht Varnish

Yacht Varnish

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Coverage is plus or minus, 1 quart = 130 sq/ft. (+/- 12 m2/L)

Application temperature + 45 degrees F to + 95 degrees F (+8C to +35C).

Drying time: 3 hours (between each layer).

Ready for use in 24 hours.


   Durable satin matte finish.

   Enhances the natural beauty of wood.

   Resistant to salt water.

   Long lasting with a strong flexible film.

   Excellent penetration and will not mask the wood grain.

   Easy application: no sanding between coats, except before applying the final coat.

   Can also be stained with colored dyes (check with us).


Can be used on new or old hardwoods

Suitable for outdoor use on garden furniture, gates, etc.

Can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Can be used on all boat work above the waterline. Directly on prepared wood.

Surface preparation:

Wood must be clean and completely dry during application. Do not apply the varnish in wet weather or late in the afternoon. The varnish can make the surface slippery so it is advisable to use only special wood varnish in high traffic areas such as decks, poolside, gratings, etc. Do not dilute the varnish.


Apply 3 to 6 coats of marine varnish depending on the exposure of the area you intend to use this product. Allow a drying time of at least 10 hours between each coat. It is not necessary to sand before applying the next coat. We do, however, recommend sanding before the final coat is applied. Leave to completely cure and dry for 3 to 4 days before use. Note: Splashes or runs should be removed before the product dries, otherwise these will be very difficult to remove later.