Wood Degreyer
Wood Degreyer

Wood Degreyer

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   Versatile solution for all types of interior and exterior wood.

   Effectively revives tarnished and blackened woods.

   Ready to use, immediate action.

   Deeply eliminates impurities and dirt.

   Suitable for all types of wood.

   Effortlessly removes tannin and metal stains.

   Perfect for restoring all types of wood surfaces, terraces, garden furniture, fences and shutters.

    Water-based product ininflammable.

   Very economical: 1 liter for a surface of 10 m².

   Available in 5 liter and 25 liter containers.


•    Shake the product before use and apply it with a spalter or by spraying.

•    Use 1 liter of product for 8 to 10 m² of surface to be treated .

  •  Brush vigorously in the direction of the grain of the wood and leave to act for 15 minutes.

•    Rinse thoroughly with water, brush again.

•    If necessary, repeat the operation or use a high-pressure cleaner, taking care not to get the lance too close to the wood to avoid defibrating it.

•    To enhance the effectiveness of the product, moisten the wood before applying it.