Roof Defoamer
Roof Defoamer

Roof Defoamer

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   Concentrated product, highly effective weed killer.

   Prevents the appearance of lichens, fungi and rids the moss of your roof.

   Protects against water infiltration and prevents rotting of your roof.

   Improves the condition of your roof.

   Easy to use: very simple application.

   Rapid treatment, visible effect 15 minutes after application.

   Duration of effectiveness for several years.

   Suitable for all types of tiles.

   Product safe for the user and the supports.

   Economical: can cover large surfaces, with 5 liters which can cover between 15 and 20 m².

   Available in 5 liter and 25 liter containers.


•   Wear gloves and shake the product before use.

   Prepare the surface by removing all the debris of dirt and dead leaves present on your roof.

   Protect gutters and non-affected surfaces to prevent them from coming into contact with the product.

•   Using a sprayer, a watering can or a brush, apply the anti-foam directly or diluted.

•   Let the product act for 10 to 20 minutes.   

•   Rinse with a pressure washer to remove product residue.

•   Always apply the product in dry weather.