Casing Waterproof Sealant

Casing Waterproof Sealant

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Our casing waterproof sealant, intended for walls and for waterproofing concrete and masonry, provides permanent water-repellent protection. Its coating forms a perfect insulation against humidity, infiltration of basements, foundations, elevator pits and crawl spaces. It is also highly resistant to back pressure. It applies just as well to concrete, cement coating, cinder block, bricks, as to stone. Product ready to use and quick drying.

   Application temperature: +8°C to +35°C.

   Yields (2 coats):

  • On shuttered concrete/coatings: 3 kg/m².
  • On concrete block: 4 kg/m².

   Drying time: 6 hours between coats.

   Maximum qualities reached in 28 days.

   Complies with Cement standard NF EN 197-1 and Mineral fillers standards NF EN 12620 and NF EN 13139.


   Ready-to-use, quick-drying liquid mix.

   Protection of reinforcing bars against corrosion and concrete spalling.

   Excellent resistance to erosion and abrasion.

   Waterproof coating and perfect adhesion.

   Water pressure resistance.

   Backpressure resistant coating for basement work, foundations, elevator pits.


    •   Suitable for all types of materials.
      •   Eligible materials: concrete (formed, reinforced, cellular), concrete blocks, traditional masonry, bricks and agglomerates, stones and red bricks.
        •   Application: horizontal, vertical, underside.


            •   First remove the laitances, dust and crumbly parts, oil stains and other dirt. Before applying the first coat, moisten the substrate well. Do not moisten between coats.
              •   Avoid application in the evening because of the return of stored heat, work on frozen substrates, application in full sun and in drying winds.
                •   The use of a brush is recommended for the application of the coating, as it promotes the penetration of the product into the pores and the elimination of air bubbles. It is also possible to carry out an application by mechanical projection using a low-flow machine (8mm nozzle).
                  •   On breeze blocks and shuttering blocks, first apply a water-repellent coating 1 to 2 cm thick (sand + cement + water + synthetic resin).
                    •   On stone and red brick substrates and other very irregular surfaces, smooth with cement filler beforehand.


                        •   Apply 2 coats minimum, with an interval of 6 hours. Moisten well before application, but never moisten between the two coats. The first coat will be reinforced using an open mesh reinforcement:
                          ◦   1st coat: coat the support using a brush or a trowel, approximately 2 to 3 mm thick.
                            ◦   2nd coat: 24 hours after the 1st coat, approximately 1 to 2 mm thick.
                              ◦   3rd coat (optional): for substrates subject to strong counter-pressures, it is advisable to add a third coat of about 1 to 2 mm thick.
                                •   Maximum qualities reached after 28 days of drying, but light foot traffic possible after 48 hours, at 20°C and 60% relative humidity.